Help that makes sense - The focus is on people


Help that makes sense

The focus is on people


Outreach should always be individualized to the unique situation of the person or people in question. In other words, there are no standard programs or models for helping someone. Therefore, assistance to specific persons or groups is always customized. The goals of an aid program will also be different. Programs include assisting people to better help themselves, individual care, education, special education, occupational education, speech therapy, psychology, group work, sports and music.


Further, those working in the aid giving professions must receive continued education, training and supervision. This is crucial in ensuring the quality of their work and in securing the trust and acceptance of those who would receive their help. Trust and acceptance are the keys to successful assistance after all. This is another part of what we do. Our organization takes an interdisciplinary and supervisory approach, allowing the input of experts from various professions to contribute to the development of the programs and concepts we create.